Let us introduce you to the GT Falcon Club of New Zealand Inc.

In 1980 a group of dedicated GT Falcon owners rallied together and formed what is now known as the GT Falcon Club of New Zealand Inc. At a time when the first generation models were relatively new, the XR’s were 13 years old, the last GT had rolled off the production line only 4 years earlier and the mighty GTHO’s were still as legendary then as they are today. In 1992 Ford released the 25th Anniversary EB GT and then 5 years later the 30th Anniversary model in extremely limited numbers.

In 2003, the GT was reintroduced as a mainstream model with the BA Falcon range of cars and has continued with each subsequent model release of Falcon. From a sales perspective, the new generation of GT's are proving to be even more popular than the first generation of GT. As the years progressed so did the club, growing from various regional enclaves to encompass the entire country, as it still does today. We produce a regular newsletter, which is sent to all current members, attend car shows and organise social functions.

If you enjoy a fun, family atmosphere and like to socialise; if you are an enthusiastic GT owner or just a Falcon enthusiast who might aspire to owning a GT one day, perhaps you would like to join us and uphold the reputation and significance that these cars have had since their introduction.

If you’d like to join our club just get in contact with us.